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Move Networks Silverlight Developer Guide

Microsoft’s Silverlight is a web application platform that integrates multimedia and interactive content. A Silverlight solution works in conjunction with XAML and is scriptable with JavaScript. Silverlight applications are developed using Visual Studio and the .NET framework.

My assignment is to write a developer guide for implementing a Move Player in a Silverlight application. I downloaded and installed Visual Web Developer Express with SP1 and then installed the Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 add-on.  I’m using Silverlight’s built-in WPF UI framework to create the UI. To get started quickly, I read Scott Gu’s Silverlight Tutorial and completed lessons 1 and 2. 

I interviewed Richard, a Move Developer, who gave me a whirlwind tour of how to build a Silverlight application and use the Move Silverlight SDK to add a Move Player and controls. I used Wink to capture screen shots during our interview. After I got back to my desk, I edited frames and added comments to key frames. I will use this saved session as a frame of reference as I repeat the development process on my own.

I organized the document to introduce Move Player and Silverlight in context of developing a web application that plays Move streaming video content. I start with a brief introduction about the Move Player and Silverlight. 

Silverlight and Move Player are browser plug-ins. Silverlight is a platform for developing rich internet applications and Move Player delivers HD quality video over the internet with virtually no buffering.

This tutorial provides a quick introduction to implementing a player in a Silverlight web application. We will build a Silverlight application that contains a Move player, add controls and play a sample movie.

They are both web browser plug-ins and the Silverlight development environment requires a few configuration steps to get started. The SDK is actually a Silverlight project with some classes that makes it easier to work with the Move Player.


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